Structural Physiotherapy & Structural Integration Sessions

The ideal attire worn during the sessions for women is loose short running shorts and sports bra. For men, loose short running shorts. Awareness is an important aspect of the client’s experience and is emphasized throughout the Integration process. We refer to this attire as viewing clothes. (Pictures – Viewing Clothes)

Injury Massage

Depending on the area being worked you will be asked to wear viewing clothes or to remove clothing and draping procedures will be applied.

Signature Massage Sessions

For these treatments it is customary to disrobe completely; however, you should undress to your comfort level. Treatments are most effective when the therapist can work directly on the skin. Our therapists are trained to keep you properly draped throughout the treatment, respecting your privacy at all times.

Re-patterning Sessions

Please wear loose-fitting clothing that is easy to stretch in and that does not limit range of motion.