Treatment of Trigger Points in Colorado

Muscular trigger points, though they commonly affect people of all ages, aren’t very well known and, as a result, few people consider orthopedic treatment. However, the existence of trigger points indicates that your muscles are undergoing either an excess of activity or a lack of usage. Both problems, when identified and set on a treatment path, can be treated effectively.

If you’ve been looking for treatment of trigger points in Colorado Springs, you’ve come to the right place. Structura Body Therapies has been helping patients recover from trigger point problems by creating personalized recovery plans for many years.

What Does the Treatment of Trigger Points in Colorado Springs Involve?

First, it is important to identify the muscles groups that are being affected by the trigger points. Trigger points typically cause intense pain for a patient because of a biomechanical overload, or, in other words, excessive stress. This can be related to any of the following causes:

  • Postural distortions
  • Overuse
  • Too much caffeine or changes in caffeine levels
  • Psychological stress
  • Chemical changes in the body
  • Inactivity

Trigger points can cause a decreased range of motion, stiffness, pain, and uncomfortable muscle tension. Additionally, these symptoms typically get worse as you age. To alleviate or reduce your symptoms, we target the root of the problem and design a recovery program that works for you.

Stemming Chronic Effects with Treatment of Trigger Points in Colorado

When a trigger point is left alone, it will sometimes cause the muscles to take over some of the bone function, which compresses the joint and can cause it to wear down much more quickly than is usual.

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