Tendonitis Treatment in Colorado

Tendonitis TreatmentsFor a long time, the cause of tendonitis, which is also known as tendonitis, has been mistaken for inflammation. Though inflammation does occur in tendons, those cases are very rare. Because of this, physicians have been diagnosing the problem incorrectly, giving the patient anti-inflammatory medications that can actually slow down the recovery process.

For real tendonitis treatment in Colorado, you need to get right to the cause of the problem. Most overuse injuries involving the tendons are actually due to collagen breakdown. This type of tendon problem is now called tendinosis since inflammation is not the cause.

Avoiding Anti-inflammatory Medications

Using anti-inflammatory medications unnecessarily for tendonitis treatment in Colorado can actually be detrimental as it can prevent the collagen from coming back into the affected area. At Structura Body Therapies, we focus on manipulating the soft tissues to give you back your range of motion and provide you with long-term relief from tendinosis.

By massaging and moving the muscles around in the injured area, we will be able to loosen up the tendon, which will allow blood and nutrients to flow more effectively to that area. This natural treatment will speed up recovery and help you get back to the activities you love the most.

Additional Reasons for Tendonitis Treatment

Tendinosis is not the only overuse injury that occurs in the tendons. Tenosynovitis is another condition that happens when there is irritation or inflammation between a tendon and its synovial sheath, which prevents a regular range of motion, causes stiffness, and is very painful.

Whenever we work with patients who are interested in tendonitis treatment in Colorado, we first have to determine exactly what the cause of the problem is. From there, we can help you to have a quick and complete recovery.

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