Colorado Hip Pain Treatment

Because your hips and your thighs are responsible for so much of your body’s movement, they can easily become injured or damaged. However, with our Bodywork and trigger point therapies, we can help your body recover completely and get you back to living a pain-free life after Colorado hip pain treatment.

Sciatica and Colorado Hip Pain Treatment

Sciatica is simply the irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. As the longest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve, when damaged, can cause an uncomfortable feeling from your lower back all the way to below the knee.

Though it is often assumed that sciatica is the result of a herniated disc, there are many causes of sciatica, including irritation from an adjacent bone, tumors, muscle interference, infections, injuries, and more.

Gluteal Pain (False Sciatica)

When you are experiencing pain in your leg that follows the sciatic nerve completely or partially, you might think that you have sciatica. However, activities that put undue stress on the gluteus minimus can cause similar symptoms from the thigh to the ankle.

Additionally piriformis syndrome can be mistaken for sciatica since the piriformis muscle will occasionally irritate the sciatica nerve.

Determining the cause of your hip pain is the first step to getting you the Colorado hip pain treatment you need. Find out why you are experiencing gluteal pain by coming into our office!

Colorado Hip Pain Treatment and Hip Crepitus

Hip crepitus is a condition where your hip makes popping noises. These noises can be accompanied by pain, discomfort, a shorter range of motion, and a feeling that the hips are grinding. Popping noises that occur both on the inside and the outside of the hip can be treated with massage therapy, as our therapists will elongate the fascia and muscles surrounding the area.

If you would like to have customized Colorado hip pain treatment so you can experience what it is like to live a pain-free life again, call Structura Body Therapies at (719)247-3625.