Headache Treatment in Colorado

Headaches Colorado SpringsThe first step to treating your headache is to identify which type of headache you have. There are three common types of headaches: tension, cluster, and migraine headaches. If you’ve been having chronic headaches and can’t seem to get rid of them, Structura Body Therapies in Colorado Springs can offer the headache treatment you’re looking for.

We’ve built our practice around identifying what the problem is and working toward solving it so patients don’t have to be in pain constantly. Our practitioners are confident that they can significantly reduce your headaches through the one of the most effective headache treatments in Colorado.

Headache Types and Treatments in Colorado

Most headaches are tension headaches. They occur for a variety of reasons, including stress, muscle tension, poor posture, triggers, and more. Ninety percent of these are of this variety, and they typically respond well to bone/joint realignment and massage.

Cluster headaches can come and go from one day to the next, coming in clusters, hence their name. They are marked by sharp, unbearable pain. Treatment for these headaches is difficult, but causes might be pinpointed by recognizing the periods during which they appear.

Migraines affect the whole head and are frequently brought on by triggers. Common triggers include: foods, allergens, hormone changes, sounds, smells, and stress. Identifying your triggers can help you live pain-free.

Our Headache Treatment in Colorado

At Structura Body Therapies, we focus on balancing the muscular and skeletal structures so you can alleviate the pain you are feeling. Along with the headache treatment, our strategies will do wonders to promote whole-body health. We use a variety of massage therapy techniques to treat pain of all kinds. Additionally, we look for the cause of the problem and treat the pain at its root rather than just treating the symptoms.

If you’re interested in finding effective headache treatment in Colorado Springs, call Structura Body Therapies.

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