Colorado Fascial Injury Treatment

Fascia is an abundant and versatile tissue in the body. Besides supporting other soft tissues, it provides suspension and shape for critical muscles all over the body. Fascia is very elastic and ranges in size and shape from thin membranes to thick bands.

However, when fascia is injured, the dysfunction will be problematic since both range of motion and important muscle systems will be impeded. If you live in Colorado and need Colorado Springs fascial injury treatment to get back to the activities you love, come to Structura Body Therapies!

Fascial Tearing and Colorado Fascial Injury Treatment

Though, as mentioned above, most fascia is very elastic, it can become torn or perforated when it is under a great deal of tensile stress. When this occurs, it will be very painful as there are many nerves in the fascia. The scar tissue from a tear or perforation can cause significant movement restrictions.

How to Treat Fascial Shortening

The fascia, as an elastic tissue with contractile cells, has the ability to shorten and elongate to meet the needs of the tissue around it. However, if the fascia stays in a shortened state for a long period of time, it can lose some of its ability to lengthen, causing a less developed range of motion.

The opposite problem can also happen with the fascia. If over-lengthening occurs, the fascia can lose some of its ability to shorten. With soft-tissue massage treatment and other Bodywork, the practitioners at Structura Body Therapies can prevent the postural distortions that are associated with fascial shortening or over-lengthening.

Colorado Fascial Injury Treatment and Adhesions

After an injury, collagen forms over the damaged tissues. Though this is a natural healing process, it can force muscle tissue and fascia to adhere to one another. This condition can actually increase your risk for future injury and limit mobility.

At Structura Body Therapies, we handle each and every patient injury with individualized care and treatment. If you need Colorado fascial injury treatment in order to get back to a pain-free life, call to schedule an appointment at (719)247-3625.