Colorado Bursitis Treatment

Bursitis is simply a condition in which the bursae, which are small, fluid-filled sacs that decrease friction and provide padding for many areas of the body, become inflamed. This ailment can happen as a result of or in conjunction with tendinitis or tendinosis. These conditions can cause one another.

Because the bursae are responsible for taking the edge off the friction of movement, they wear down and become irritated, making bursitis a fairly common condition. Don’t worry; if you live in Colorado and are looking for Colorado bursitis treatment, Structura Body Therapies can create a natural and unique recovery program that promotes long-lasting pain relief and the improvement of your range of motion.

Bursitis Colorado Springs

Treatment for All Causes of Bursitis

Though bursitis is often caused by overuse injuries and repetitive motions, it can also be caused by mechanical compression and some systematic illnesses. Athletes, because they perform the same motions over and over again, are particularly prone to bursitis.

Fortunately this can be treated with a combination of massage therapy and trigger point therapy. By moving the pressure off the bursa and realigning the bones and muscles around the area, we can promote a full recovery in very little time.

Conditions Sometimes Confused with Bursitis

Before we can begin our treatment on your injury, we have to make sure that you actually have bursitis. Sometimes bicipital tendinitis can be mistaken for bursitis. With bicipital tendinitis, the biceps becomes irritated and inflamed and, if not treated, the muscle can completely rupture.

Our trigger point therapies and innovative Bodywork concepts can help you or a loved one recover from either bursitis or bicipital tendinitis. After we determine what the cause of your discomfort is, we can create a treatment plan that puts you on the path to recovery.

If you are interested in natural, effective Colorado bursitis treatment, call Structura Body Therapies today.

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