Colorado Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the second-most common reason people in the United States go to the doctor. Additionally, it is the most common work-related injury. More than 70 percent of people will experience either acute or chronic back pain sometime in their lives.

Our Colorado back pain treatment focuses on the cause of the back pain, which is almost always related to stress in the fascia and muscle imbalances. The fascia, when stressed and inflamed, causes adhesions to occur, which can be enough to inhibit your range of motion in addition to causing you pain. At Structura Body Therapies, we focus on elongating the affected tissues and giving you back your range of motion, which reduces or eliminates the pain in the process.

back pain colorado springsCommon Reasons for Back Pain

The most common type of pain is lower back pain, which is typically related to an exaggerated curve in the lumbar spine, which, as a condition, is known as Lordosis. Scoliosis can be traced back to the same area. The additional curvature is often created because of muscle groups that are too tense, which typically includes the Iliopsoas muscle group.

Over time, these conditions can cause the spine to compress, which will cut off some nerve functions and cause significant back pain in the area. If you are having a difficult time standing up straight without causing yourself pain or have an increase in back pain when standing up, you should get Colorado back pain treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment for Conditions Related to Pain

Because spinal compression can inhibit nerve function, a variety of problems can be traced back to muscle tension. These include conditions such as: irritable bowel syndrome, anterior thigh pain, and groin pain, among other conditions.

If you would like to find Colorado Springs back pain treatment that has been customized based on your needs and is completely natural, call Structura Body Therapies today.

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