Knee Pain Treatment in Colorado

Because the knee is used heavily during activities such as running, jumping, sprinting, and more, the knee is especially prone to injury. The risk for injury also increases if an athlete, recreational or professional, uses the knee too much or doesn’t incorporate an adequate stretching routine.

If you have recently injured your knee, Structura Body Therapies has the knee pain treatment in Colorado that you need! Here are some common conditions related to knee pain that we treat on a regular basis.

IT-band Friction Syndrome and Knee Pain Treatment in Colorado Springs

IT-band friction syndrome is typically categorized as an overuse injury, and its symptoms include lateral knee pain, radiating pain, and more intense pain while being active. If you don’t stretch properly, walk somewhat bow-legged, or have excessive heel and foot pronation, IT-band friction syndrome can develop.

If you believe that you have IT-band friction syndrome, Structura Body Therapies can create a knee pain treatment in Colorado that gives you a better chance at complete recovery.

Knee Pain Treatment in Colorado and Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

PFPS is a relatively common type of knee injury that can develop into more serious knee conditions such as chondromalacia patellae. If your body mechanics are not corrected after you are diagnosed with PFPS, it is very likely that the condition will worsen, especially in athletes.

To readjust your body mechanics and prevent future damage, come to Structura Body Therapies!

What is Chondromalacia Patellae?

Chondromalacia patellae can either develop during childhood or as a result of overuse and is related to the softening of the cartilage in the knee. This can cause widespread pain and grinding sensations during repetitive activities that require the knees.

No matter what type of knee injury you have, our specialists will be able to create a recovery program that works for you and provides you with long-lasting pain relief naturally. For effective knee pain treatment in Colorado that actually targets the cause of the problem, schedule an appointment with Structura Body Therapies by calling (719)247-3625.