Physiology Meets Function

Structural Physiology Colorado SpringsStructura Body Therapies uses a variety of treatments to target specific issues related to chronic knots and tension within the muscles. Our therapists work directly with patients to create a treatment plan that will restore range of motion and bring the body back into balance. Structural physiotherapy is designed to treat problems in the way the body functions as a whole. Typically we see patients suffering from restriction in one part of the body, or patients dealing with excessive pain and forcing other areas of the body to compensate for this pain. If there is a problem in one area, we focus on identifying this problem for proper treatment, but also treating the body as a whole.

When the body is working together properly, you won’t deal with pains in specific regions that are being caused from a different source. For example, patients dealing with extra weight around the stomach often find they struggle with back pain problems because the abdominal muscles pull on the back for support. Our goal is to help the body become properly aligned as a whole to prevent this from occurring. The structural physiotherapy treatments are a great starting point in addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen to provide the muscle groups with proper strength and support.

Our Structural Physiotherapy Techniques

We use a variety of techniques that may differ for each patient based on their needs. Our standard techniques include mobilization of the joints and massaging the soft tissues to relax chronic tension (or knots as they are often referred to in massage therapy). Mobilization is normally slow and rhythmical to concentrate on the fascia. There are times where the movements are fast, which can result in a “popping” or “clicking” sound, which is the gas being released from the joint capsule.

For proper treatment, patients will meet with our therapist to organize change to the myofascial system. If you are planning to begin the 10 sessions of Structural Integration, start with a structural physiotherapy treatment to prepare the body for the future treatments that will bring back organization to the body.

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