Understanding Structural Integration

Pain Management Colorado SpringsOur bodies work as a continuous flow of motion. When our bodies are improperly aligned and the systems are not working together effectively, it leads to fatigue, consistent pain, and decreases the overall health and wellness of your body. Structural integration is a bodywork designed to improve the connective tissue known as the fascia. Fascia is the material that surrounds the muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves, and organs.

For the body to work correctly and maintain healthy, fascia needs to be elastic and move freely with the muscle groups and bones. When a person deals with injury or stress, they can start to overcompensate for the pain by relying on other muscle groups to carry the stress burden. We often see a shift a the way individuals hold their shoulders and see problems with posture and overall alignment. Without repair, the fascia will become shorter, tighter, and more dense. If the fascia is unhealthy, it will begin to pull on the muscles and skeleton.

How Does Structural Integration Work?

The goal of structural integration is to lengthen, stretch, and soften the fascia. As the tissue is softened and adjusted, your postural balance will become aligned once again. The body will start to feel ease of movement and you will see a difference in energy as your fatigue starts to dissipate.

Structura Body Therapies provides a ten session series that re-educates the body through movement and touch. It systematically releases patterns of stress and impaired function by “unraveling” the problem from the present to its origin, working within a framework designed to restore postural balance and functional ease by aligning and integrating the body.We are organizing and creating change to the myofascial system. The process is yours not the Practitioner’s; the work will proceed at your level of comfort.

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