It’s Time to Get Moving Again

We use an effective program known as postural repatterning to treat musculoskeletal pain without the use of manipulation (massage techniques). Our process uses a combination of gentle exercises and stretches to bring your body back to its proper alignment and well-being. When individuals encounter pain, they often overcompensate for this pain, placing additional stress and tension on other muscles. Our gentle exercises are designed to restore the muscles and joints to their full, natural function. You shouldn’t wake up in pain every day! We can help patients of all ages, from children to senior citizens, professional athletes to individuals in pain, find relief with postural re-patterning.

How Does Postural Repatterning Work?

Physical Therapy Exercises Colorado SpringsEach patient is given one-on-one attention with a therapist to discuss their needs. We create a patient treatment plan after talking with you, going over your state of health, and evaluating your physical strengths and weaknesses. Our postural realignment is designed to improve balance, range of motion, skeletal position, strength, and poise. After the treatment program is complete, pain will be drastically reduced and in some cases, eliminated altogether.

Our program is unique in the way we approach realignment of the body. Instead of isolating muscles like a physical therapy or massage therapy treatment, we focus on retraining the group of muscles that keep the body’s posture in correct form. The fascia (densely woven connective tissue between the muscles, bones, and nerves) needs to be correctly manipulated to provide support to the muscle groups. Our therapeutic treatment will target the fascia and muscle groups to restore your body to its best health.

A therapist will build a map of the different problems you are facing and the postural misalignments that have now set themselves as a “normal” position in your body. We focus on returning the body to its natural position. We work directly with our patients to learn their individual needs and find out why your body may resist change and determine how to fix it. We then teach our clients how to become experts in maintaining proper alignment and keeping the body in the correct position.

Our Treatment Areas

We provide treatment for patients of all ages and body types. Our Colorado Springs staff is helpful and ready to help you restore your body to its proper position so you can live a life free of pain. Our goal is to get patients moving again so they can go out and enjoy their lives. If you have fears or physical limitations that hold you back from truly enjoying your life, call our office. We will evaluate your body to determine what treatments are the best for your needs. We treat a variety of conditions and commonly see patients with the following symptoms:

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