Initial VisitInitial Visit

Before your initial therapy session, your therapist will ask preliminary questions to determine your overall health and your desired results from the treatment plan. The therapist will consider information about your physical condition, medical history, lifestyle, stress levels and any areas of physical pain. The information gathered in this brief interview will help the therapist determine how to structure the session(s) to achieve your desired results.

Your therapist will leave the room while you change into viewing clothes or undress to your comfort level. If disrobing you will be guided to lie on a massage table and cover yourself with a sheet. The therapist will only uncover the area that she is working on. Deep-tissue sessions will probably feel relaxing, but may also cause mild discomfort or soreness in areas that are very tense. In addition to manipulating tissue with her hands, the therapist may also use her elbows to target specific areas.

Depending on the length of the massage and areas of the body being treated, you may also be asked to turn over from your back to stomach or vice versa. Your therapist will take care to lift your sheet and cover you as you turn. After the massage is over, you should drink plenty of water to help facilitate the flow of lymph fluid and to facilitate the movement of waste from your muscle tissues.

Postural MappingP-Postural-Mapping-300x200

During your initial consultation you may be asked to stand in suggested attire or viewing clothes and be photographed for posture mapping. Using this photograph your therapist will chart your posture alignment. This photograph will not only give you and your therapist a road map for therapy, you will be able to later see the physical results of your therapy with an after photograph comparison. Along with posture mapping your therapist may ask you to do simple movements that will show mobility, strength, and postural alignment. You will never be asked to do anything that is too painful for you or that makes you uncomfortable.

Therapy EnvironmentP-Therapy-Environment-300x200

The therapy room is a place where we focus on your objectives and goals for creating balance, integration, and natural function to muscles and joints as the body was designed. We strive for a balanced therapeutic environment with simple comfortable surroundings meant to welcome and invite you to a safe space.