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Our Philosophy – Healing by Design

Massage Therapy Colorado SpringsOur bodies are significantly affected by the force of gravity. When we are born, we have perfect construction that allows unrestricted mobility. Over the effects of time, injuries and gravity pulls the body away from this origin, which leads to misalignment. In a misaligned state, the body can labor to remain upright and can often cause daily pain, fatigue, stiffness, and lack of overall well-being. Our goal is to bring your body back to the way nature intended with correct structural integration.

The body is significantly impacted by the force of gravity. Our treatments are designed to bring your body from a misaligned state into an upright state. The force of gravity will push on the body, which causes a person to labor just to stay in an upright state. Individuals often overcompensate for the forces by allowing the shoulders to slump and the body to become misaligned. The stresses of daily life combined with physical injuries and unhealthy movement patterns will strain the physical structure. The body begins to shorten and tighten to accommodate the stresses, which leads to pain, stiffness, fatigue, and other problems. Our Colorado Springs therapists create individual treatment plans to help you attain a lifestyle free of pain and impairment.

Common Postural Problems

Sports Massage Colorado SpringsPostural problems are one of the largest problems our society faces. Western medication is used to help treat the symptoms of pain, but it has neglected the underlying problems related to postural problems. The medical industry does not know enough information about the muscles and connective supportive tissue, or fascia, and how to properly treat the root cause of pain. A large amount of patients come to us after dealing with pain for weeks, months, and even years. Some patients have been on medications for years, only to find themselves still dealing with pain every day. Structura Body Therapies has been able to effectively treat the pain symptoms associated with postural issues. We have become a refuge for patients that want to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle once again.

Structura Body Therapies focuses on awareness and helps patients understand movements that will help them regain control over their health. Our therapists will meet with you individually to ensure you are receiving the proper care and treatment needed to improve your physical well-being. We discuss a variety of additional treatment methods that will assist in improving your life based on your assessment with our therapists.

What is Structural Integration Massage Therapy?

Our bodywork focuses on targeting the connective tissues, or fascia. The fascia is designed to be elastic and move freely with your body. A large majority of individuals deal with injuries and stress that cause the body to overcompensate for the pain by placing additional stress on other areas of the body. If the body is not repaired correctly, the fascia will begin to lose its elasticity and becomes tighter, shorter, and denser. As the fascia is dealing with these problems, it starts to pull the skeleton and muscles out of proper alignment. When the body is improperly aligned, it will begin to cause pain and discomfort.

How We Can Improve Your Life

One of the most relaxing and beneficial moments is when you receive treatment for your aching muscles and pains you have dealt with for a long time. Structura Body Therapies manipulates the soft-tissues of the body through the art of manual techniques and massage therapy. Our training method has been part of a proven and solid tradition in the healing practices of several cultures. We understand how the body moves, or how your body should  be moving. The human body uses bone-levers and muscle-pulleys to move in the correct manner. Physical movement is the key to successful structural integration.

To live a life free of pain, the body must be able to obtain proper fundamental movement patterns. Correct motion allows the body to flow correctly and improves your overall quality of life. Motion is one thing that cannot be artificially replaced. Structura focuses on effective manipulation, movement and massage therapies to assist the body’s role in health and healing.

Colorado Springs Structural Integration

We are conveniently located east of Snowy River Park next to Mountain View Medical Group in the same building as Front Range OB/GYN. For more information about our postural re-patterning, massage therapy, and structural integration treatments, call our Colorado Springs massage

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